Maria van Jesse Church Delft

Maria Jesse church is a neo-Gothic Roman Catholic parish church in Delft, built in the period 1875 – 1882 and designed by Evert Margry student of PJH Cuypers. Originally this church was dedicated to St. Joseph, but since 1971 to Mary Jesse.

Maria van Jessekerk photo

Photo by Bobo Boom 

The church can be visited on Tour in Delft on Thursdays between 13.30 & 16.15 and Saturday from 12.15 to 16.15. The church is now part of St. Ursula Parish which includes all the Catholic parish churches in Delft. The church is built in the shape of a cross.The church was the first Catholic church to be again located in the center of the city after the Reformation. The two towers of the Maria Jesse church refer to the two former Catholic churches Old John and the New Church which were Catholic before the Reformation.